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Spar material

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Mar 10, 2017
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I've wondered off into possession of a few Stearman spars . Haven't cleaned them up yet or planed them for inspection . I'm aware of the knowledge and experience of members here on the Forum so opinions and input towards cutting and shaping for use in spars that can be used in a smaller/thinner airfoil such as an AcroSport , Pitts , or Smith Miniplane would be very helpful and definately appreciated . One of my concerns is the existing hardware holes in the spars . It appears that there is no possible way to rip the dimensions without having to contend with holes somewhere in the intended new use . Another concern is length . I'm playing around mostly with the Smith mini's and they have a one piece upper wing with 17 ft. span . The majority of these spars are 16 ft. in length and will need a splice . This leaves me to believe that a splice in the center of the wing , between the cabanes would be acceptable ? . Pitts upper wings are spliced in the center and swept but have a completely different cabane design . I don't plan any activity really soon on new wings but the longer I have to toss the options around the clearer it can become . Thanx ahead for any input that you might interject . I never stop learning . When that time comes , there's gonna be a hellova garage sale . Thanx šŸ’

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