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Thank you smutny!

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Jun 12, 2007
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Seattle, WA
Smutny offered me the chance to go for a ride in his Christen Eagle II a few weeks ago, and our schedules finally coincided last night.

This was my first-ever ride in a biplane of any type, and it was a bit overwhelming. He asked if I just wanted to go up and cruise around, or do aerobatics. I said, "aerobatics," knowing I might not like them. But I had to find out.

I ended up writing up the experience in my journal if you're interested in reading about it. I also wrote a follow up entry, which is a necessary post-script to the first one.

Anyway, the most important message I wanted to convey here was, thank you! Despite my negative tone in the write-up (still being rather overwhelmed), I had a good time, and this gives me good incentive to go work with other tail-draggers, and find an ASII to try out.


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