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Throttle Quadrant Part 1


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Sep 13, 2006
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So I was thinking about making my own throttle quadrant....I am pondering how and what to make it out of. Stupid as this sounds, for some reason i keptfocusing on knobs. I really want this thing to look "custom" and not store-bought, but it must be functional and light.

So, my borther-in-law (that I can't stand) was showing me his telescope. As I was looking at it, I noticed that it had a device used for aiming. On this devide were some of the nicest looking red, blue, andnatural billet aluminum knobs I have ever laid eyes on.

Well, sinceI am only making a two-lever, I would like a black ball and a red mixture knob....So I...um....borrowed his redknobs 'cause I had an idea.

Here's the telescope...


Notice the nice knobs. They have a shaft on them that is 3/4" long. "That must be removed", says I.

So I put them in the lathe and used a parting bit to remove them:


Then I wrapped the knobs in electrical tape (to prevent scarring of the anodizied finish) and chucked them in the lathe. I drilled and tapped them for 1/4" x 28studs. I them measured the studs and parted them to length, 3/8".


A little bit of loctite to hold them in and I have some schweeeet looking knobs for my throttle quads....

Brother-in-laws are good for something afterall...

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