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Toot vs Pitts

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Jul 13, 2009
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Could someone help me out with a decision. I don't want to start a big shootout between the two airplanes but I had intended on ordering plans for a pitts S1 when I discovered the Toot. It's hard to find information about it compared to the Pitts, and I have searched pretty good. It seems like a real nice, strong airplane. Just looking at the photos leads me to believe visibility would be better than a Pitts, but it's hard to tell.

Onw thing Ilike isthe idea of the two piece wing on top, it makes it much easier to make in the garage before putting it into the hangar.

Anyhow, I guess i was wondering why you Toot builders chose the Toot over the Pitts. Any advice would be much appreciated.

One more question if i may, on the Little Toot website I see two plans listed, big ones and small ones. Are the small ones for a $100 actual plans? Do I need both? The website doesn't explain what the difference is between them or if theirboth required. Money isn't the issue, I just don't understand.

Thanks for helping me out guys!
Kind reguards

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