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Upper Wing IV

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX

<TD vAlign=top>My rediscovered ailerons...

Lately I have been working on the other side of the wing to catch up with the same stage i had done on the left side. Drag wires are in, wing is tramelled, all bows fitted,foam tips are in, first layer of superfil is on the tips, aileron well and wingtrailing edgesare on. I am in the middle of dry fitting the ailerons. I had made a flat storage box for them many months back...it was strange to be looking at them again, like a time capsule being opened..lol

When marking out the position for the hinge brackets on the spar, I noticed theyclashed a little with the adjacent rib, also the bolt holesexited right next to a rib, so I had to dremel around the bolt hole to allow the large washer to sit flat. These brackets I fitted center line of thespar.

I clamped the aileron in the optimum nuetral position, any adjusting while dry fitting was done on the aileron-side brackets. The alignment of the aileron trailing edge --wing trailing edge was achieved by a builders line andshimming out the aileron hinge cutout 1/16 on one, and 1/8 on the other with ply. If you mount the aileron-side bracketsas per plans (centerline), you'll be in trouble...you have to physically dry fit them then mark off accordingly.

The top wings have not been joined yet. I will be turning them over to fit out the aileron wells and apply spar strips etc. I will finally splice them together when I can't go any further.

First foam lay up...

Aileron well trailing edge clamp up...

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