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Jan 3, 2007
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Lets get some letters out to our congresspeople about this.

It sounds like there is some back and forth going on and its going to be up to us to make enough noise about this.

I've done a little legwork.

For the House...go to.

For the Senate go to.

For an Eaa position ...(what to write)

From EAA below.

Contact your congressional Representative and Senators in Washington. Educate them on the seriousness of this issue and the direct impact it will have on you, your family, your business, and your community.
<LI>Write a letter detailing what you know of this issue and how it will impact your life. Do not assume that your congressional representatives even know about this issue so explain the matter in some detail. Chances are that if they have heard anything about this issue, it has been from the concerted and coordinated lobbying efforts of the Administration, DoT, FAA, and the airlines telling their one-sided version of the story.
<LI>Call your Congressman and Senators at their offices in Washington and ask for them directly. Do not be bashful. They are sent there to serve the interests of their constituents and deserve to understand the issue and how it will impact the people back home in their district. If your Congressman or Senator is unavailable, ask for their Transportation Legislative Assistant or the person in their office who handles transportation- and aviation-related issues.
<LI>Be informative, respectful and polite in all your correspondence and contact with congressional representatives and their staff. Explain the issue, express your personal concerns, and feel free to seek their active support of you and your community. </LI>[/list]

If you do not know who your congressional representatives are or how to contact them in Washington you can look them up on the web.


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