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Wanted Plans for Pitts S-1 D

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Jul 12, 2007
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I am looking for some plans or drawings of the ailerons on a S-1 D wing, the four aileron with the M-6 airfoil. I have a project but it appears there are some modifications to the ailerons.
The original builder built the ailerons with the standard four bays but all four ailerons are moved one bay inwards towards the fuselage. In other words, the ailerons are not rounded at the outside bay.
On the top wing the aileron starts three bays from the center section and moving outward where they end short two bays from the tip. Usually the aileron outside last bayat the trailing edge startsto curv to match the wing tip bow but these do not. They are retangular in shape.
Also the slave struts are attached to fittings about in the middle of the ailoron cord, kinda like a Marquart Charger.
I don't know why it was done this way and what effect it would have on the roll. Maybe I should leave as is but it is an unknown design.
I would like some drawings of just the ailerons because the rest of the wings appear standard.
I have Steen's S-1 C plansbut it has only the bottom ailerons.
Any help or suggestions.

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