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Wing ID

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Dec 16, 2008
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Lately, I've gotten the screwy idea that I'd like my S-1S to roll faster, so I've been looking inside the wing to see what it might take. The previous owner (not the builder) said this plane was built from factory kits, but I can't confirm it from the paperwork I have. Aviat apparently doesn't have records on kits from the '80s, though they did rebuild the wings in '99 after a mishap. What I see inside the wings looks like Sparcraft routed ribs used as gussets on one side of normal stick-built ribs, along with wood compression members on either side of some of the ribs (like Sparcraft) and triangular corner blocks at the spars. It's a lot of wood, way more than I remember in my previous Pitts with Sparcraft wings.

And another bit of info: symmetrical ailerons, not Frise.

So, the questions are:
Is this a particular wing design, or just a slightly paranoid builder with a Sparcraft kit who didn't want cracked ribs?

What, if any, additional reinforcement would I need to add for this wing to handle Raven/SS style ailerons?


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