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2002 Skybolt For Sale


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Aug 5, 2008
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Huntsville, TX
Steen Skybolt. Completed in 2002. 230 hours TTAE (engine - HIO-360-B1A) with aerobatic Hartzell CS Prop (190 hours) and 4-into-1 exhaust header. Transponder w/encoder, MGL radio w/intercom, strobe/nav lights, turn and bank, g-meter, chronometer, and the usual gauges. Hooker harness in the back seat only. Clean logs. NDH. Hangared. Fresh annual. Sweetheart to fly.

I'm asking $46,500 OBO. Before you scoff, come and fly it (we'll freeze, but it will be fun).

Owned it for 4-years – love it - and....I'll miss it, but am tired of freezing my butt off in Northern Nevada (bought another fun plane with heat). Since purchase in 09, I have replaced almost everything that wasn’t up to snuff: Both magnetos overhauled, fine-wire plugs, new engine baffling, new engine mount bushings, new engine hoses with fire sleeves, new mechanical fuel pump (also removed the Christen wobble pump and replaced it with an Airflow Performance electric boost pump), overhauled fuel injection flow divider, new fuel lines, new fuel gauge and sending unit, new gascolator, new oil cooler plenum, new alternator, new tires/tubes and brake pads, overhauled brake calipers and master cylinders, overhauled inverted oil system, new main tank inverted flop tube, new landing gear bungees, two new flying wires and upper rear attach fittings (old ones weren’t long enough), new tailwheel and assembly. All under the direction/installation of an A&P IA.

Send me a PM if you're interested. Have lots of photos and other info.









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