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Any Acro IIs in Northern Ohio?

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Oct 15, 2008
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Hello everyone. My name is Mike, I'm new to the forum. I'm a corporate pilot by trade. After years of the button-down life of a button-pushing corporate jet jockey, I've got the itch to kinda return to my roots. Learned to fly when I was quite young (I had a pilot's license before I had a driver's license) in a Citabria on a grass strip. Helped a great old group of guys (unfortunately all gone, now) build a Cassutt, a Starduster !! and a HiperBipe, plus rebuild a Luscombe. But after a while I got away from fun-flying and concertrated on avaition as a career and a business. While that's been very satifying and enjoyable, recently I've had a bit of an itch to revisit and continue that very special part of my legacy that truely helped shape me so much as a man and a pilot.

Well, I don't want to spend this whole post giving a bio on myself, however, I felt I need to provide a little background, first. But I'll cut to the chase: I'm considering an Acro II project, however I need to confirm that, well, I'll fit!! At 6'3"x240, I'm not exactly homebuilt sized!! I'd like to try to fit-in in person, If anyone has or knows of an Acro II in northern Ohio that I could try on for sized, I'd appreciate it!! Thank You!!


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