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Oct 6, 2008
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Well I hope that I am in the right place. I am a couple hundred hour sport pilot working on finishing up my PPL for fixed wing. I know from my nature that I need to escalate to the next level of flying and I love the pitts or at least the idea of the pitts. I have some time flying in aerobatic planes and love every minute of it. However, I need help to see if this is the right direction. Can I expect it to be as difficult to fly and especially land the single hole pitts as some portray. I am a younger guy under 30 and pretty crisp on the controls and want to know if it is wise to look at getting into taildragger biplanes without logging hundreds of hours in other aircraft. Would it be smart to get a taildragger endorsement in a Pitts type or ??? Any thoughts? Am I even in the right place?

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