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Build Times

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Sep 13, 2006
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I know a lot of people read but do not post here, so just a few words of encouragement for all of you....

When you read the manual and it tells you that you can build a part in , "a couple of evenings", please do not get discouraged if it takes you a couple of weeks to build the same part.

I forget where I read that statement, but nothing you do is simple, and nothing you do will only take " a couple of evenings" unless you are very experienced and have done several aircraft previously.

Take your time.....this isn't a race.....and it will get done. You'll be proud of it when you're done.

Show off the parts you've made to family and friends....explain what THAT part does and how it will later fit into the total picture. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment instead of feeling like the whole thing will never get done.

You are doing something that not many people have the guts to embark on, and even less people ever finish. Don't give up....and don't get discouraged. Baby steps....it's all baby steps.


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