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Cameron - Skybolt

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Feb 1, 2007
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I got my PPl a couple of months ago and I bought a 46 Luscombe 8E at the same time. I've been flying it quite a bit, and its been alot of fun. But, I've been building hotrods for a long time and I really want to try building an airplane. I am an Engineer for a small Machine Design and Build firm that has a complete machine and fab shop. I also have access to a laser and sheetmetal shop, plus a couple of really good welders. I'm not just a behind the desk engineer either, I do get out in the shop and crank handles on a mill or a lathe and help assemble,every now and then. Sometimes, they even turn me loose with a welder, but that usually isn't pretty. I can also seeing myself working in some manufacturing processes in all of this to help speed things up, but I won't know that until I get into it.

I know I eventually want to build, but I haven't decided on what to build yet. I want a two place, aerobatic airplane that has a decent cruise speed. I looked at a couple of RV's. They are really nice, but I see them everywhere and I really don't want to drive that many rivets. The Skybolt seems to fit my needs quite nicely, plus, its a biplane. I do have a few questions though.

With a basic VFR panel, a used IO 360, and me doing all of the other work, including paint (I've painted a few cars so I know just enough to be dangerous), about how much can I expect to spend? How many hours does the build process normally take? How is performance with the IO 360?

I would really like to see one in person, and get a ride in one. Is there anyone in the central, KY area (or within a couple of hours by air) that would be willing to trade a ride in a Skybolt for a ride in a Luscombe?



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