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Carbon vs E-glass Cowl/Pants

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Jan 3, 2007
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Hi... i haven't worked with composites in awhile..i've really only used E-glass and only wet-layups. I'm thinking about a couple of projects out of fiberglass and wonder if Carbon fiber is any more difficult to use vs E-glass, etc?
My metal cowl is a little too small as-is...but i was thinking about using it as a mold and adding bumps for the rocker covers. I dont know what to expect as far as weight savings? Do i need to use a vacuum-bag type of setup with carbon to see the benefit?

Same for wheelpants...i'm still half tempted to form them out of aluminum.

Here is a picture of the cowl...you can see it has one bump that would work ok for a layup pattern.


I'll also either have to shorten the cowl or cut a new firewall to work the shape in.

Any of you with recent experience chime in.

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