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Cheap COM Options

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Aug 18, 2006
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Since I started building in 2005, it seems like there has been quite some progress with avionics, to the point where I have sold my old Narco and bought a new ICOM A200 that was going to go up next to my Garmin 196. Now I am seriously tmpted to flog these for new things I've found!

Saw today first the first the Aveo SkyWayCom.. man looks so cool.. almost like an iPhone user interface... it's the world's first touchscreen aviation GPS and VHF radio combination.. and like $1244.. not half bad. (http://www.aveoengineering.com/products/digital-flight-deck/light-sport-aircraft-instruments/AveoSkyWayCom.php) This is not an advert :) promise. They also have a COMM/XPDR combo called the AveoTransCom at $1077 - which is also cheap for both - and it's Mode S.. heck wish they could have a COM/XPDR/GPS combo.. now that would rock.

Anyone played with one of these, and have some feedback/review?

Failing that, I have also been eyeballing 2 new COM cheapies on the market,hopeful that someone has feedback too:

1) Flightline FL-760 - looks like a Microair, but at only $625 from Spruce (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/flightlineFL760.php)

2) MGL Avionics VHF-06 (www.mglavionics.co.za) no picture yet, but they rckon wil e the cheapest COM in the world - and by the sounds of it, has so much new tech stuff in it, to blow older style coms out of the water.

Exciting times.. if anyone has any views/experience on any of these products, please let me know.


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