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EAA Bip Unfinished Available in NE Illinois.

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May 23, 2015
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NEWS UPDATE Thursday June 4 2015:
The Biplane and Ornithopter now have a committed new home where they will be seen and enjoyed by many. The Poplar Grove EAA chapter 1414. The Ornithopter was disassembled and placed in a more convient location in the Center along with the bipe wings. They are scheduled for transport to Poplar Grove Sunday June 7 2015
Please see the bottom of this posing for details on these two and other displays still available.
BTW: Challenger Center and its main Space Mission Simulator are not going away, only the one room with these displays to make room for classrooms.

Bipe Forum Newbie here.
I am trying to get leads for a new home for this puppy. Due to renovation of the Woodstock Challenger Center for Science and Technology, this and some other display items must find new homes. http://www.challengerillinois.org/
I'm an EAA member and volunteer there and am looking for homes for these things.
I am trying quite a few avenues including BuildaPlane.org and the local EAA chapter 932. Neil Sidders, the EAA technical adviser for the EAA bip suggested here.
It has been "on loan" in the lobby of the Center for quite a few years. I'm having trouble getting the owner, a WWII and Korea vet who's almost 90, to respond with guidance about what he wants done with it, but I'm trying to get a head start on any leads due to time pressure. Construction on the facility starts June 1 (in a week) and it should go before, or soon after that, because storage space is limited. If I can't get the owner to specify any restrictions in the next 2-3 weeks, It'll go to the first to show up with a trailer.
I uploaded a few photo. Wings and tail are on a shelf. I can't comment on the condition past that. A friend of the owner who helped with it says he has plans....

... FYI ...
Another item is a 25' span Ornithopter replica that looks as though it was built by Leonardo himself. However, I don't think it qualifies as a biplane. :)
We also have a very unique full "heavy" cockpit flight simulator, but have a couple of pretty good leads for that.
Any suggestions for the Bipe are welcome, Steve
Also, not getting into discussions about the EAA vs. the ArcoSport. It is what it is.
Added Ornithopter & simulator pix just for laughs...


More info on OTHER DISPLAYS that are available via the Forum:
... OR Directly here:

Poplar Grove info:
Both items will be stored in this chapter's climate-controlled facility on the museum campus at the Poplar Grove Illinois Airport. http://www.poplargrovewingsandwheels.com/

Ornithopter - This will be displayed over the entryway in the main room of our multi-use facility as a source of education and inspiration to our members (currently 109) and guests (over 2000 per year). It's dramatic visual impact is certain to stimulate interest both in aviation and in homebuilding.
EAA Biplane - Initially, we will be assembling the biplane, keeping it in it's current uncovered condition.
It will be used to show the young people who participate our 6 yearly Young Eagles events how an aircraft is constructed and how aircraft controls operate. This is in preparation for their first flight in one of the General Aviation aircraft piloted by our volunteer pilots. It will also be used in a similar way for adults interested in getting involved in aviation thru our Eagle Flights program.

For the longer term, we will try acquire an engine core and propeller to mount to the plane to allow for a more complete demonstrator. If interest and/or finances allow, it will become a future construction project, bringing the aircraft to flying status.

EAA Biplane 30.jpg

Challenger EdCenter 9.jpg

Challenger 737 Sim 002b.jpg
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