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Friese ailern to SS ailern cnversin

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Jun 27, 2007
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Hey Guys,

I've the idea for awhile to convert my wings from Frieze Ailerons (non symmetrical ailerons on sym. wings) to Super Stinker ailerons. Unfortunately you have to recover... For those who have the old style ailerons would like to do this upgrade as well as convert your wing tips to the S-2C style its actually not all that hard and there are folks who have done this. I will give it a go at the end of the year as well. I came across some photos of a Christen Eagle wing upgrade with Raven Aluminum Ailerons and super stinker coves, and tip bows on his existing flyable Cristen Eagle wings. For those who don't know the Christen Eagle wing is pretty much the same as an S-2A wing which is pretty much the same as the Standard S-1S wing so you can reference these pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/grayracecat/sets/72157604735900599/. You can get all these upgrade parts (wooden leading edges, ailerons, machined hinges, misc wood products and other parts from Raven Aircraft and the prices are resonable www.ravenaircraft.com

It looks as though one could simply remove the full round tip bow and install a quarter round tip bow, Cut trailing edge off the partial rib (last rib) and also cut the trailing edge of the next rib inboard of the aileron bay (this extends the ailerons to ~ 52"). Install another hinge add some structure back to the the new inboard trailing edge of the aileron bay. Install super stinker aileron profiles on the ribs. Make an aluminum cove Install the new ailerons. If you want to strengthen the wing a bit you could install wooden leading edges, Trailing edges, Sheet the inboard ribs, and the I-strut bay.

Sorry for the rambling but I figure someone might be interested in doing this but doesn't realize how easy and cheap this would be (if you are already recovering of course) and now you have reference photos and a flying example of the upgrade of existing wings!!! The performance enhancement would be huge and you would really strengthen your wing if you added all the other features. I have taken a look at my S-1-11 plans and this pretty much copies that design.


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