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Getting start in building balsa models / RC models?

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Sep 20, 2019
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Austin, Texas
Fine BPF folks. I know a lot of you started in modeling, airplane modeling that is... if you're like me then you have a face built for internet forums. Anyways...

I never went the model building route although I have proven at this point I can build passable full scale wing ribs. My son is pre teen and likes to build legos but I'd like to up the difficulty level and see if it holds his interest.

What would be a project that would not be overly daunting or too long of a build time to set the hook on learning to build, fix, and develop some skills? I am not stuck on RC but this is an airplane forum. I had also considered Heath Kit type projects but there aren't many of those available these days. Yes, he could help me building Hatz ribs but he's going to be an adult before that airplane flies.

Thank you all for your opinions on this!

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