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Having problems with my tail wheel

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Jul 28, 2014
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I recently purchased a Skybolt and not having a tail wheel indorsement I contacted a CFI who owns a Skybolt very similar to my own to give me instruction. The problem we are having is with the tail wheel not breaking loose when turning the aircraft on the ground causing it to be very difficult taxi and turn on the ground and causing excessive breaking to get the airplane to turn. At first we thought the chains were to loose so we shortened them up but that didn’t help. On his aircraft full left or right rudder and a quick tap on the brake will break it free to Swivel and he can make a reltively tight turn with a little power and full rudder. Mine on the other hand requires me to hold the break hard, which pretty well stops all forward momentum then a large application of power to get it to turn.

is there some adjustment I am unaware of? When we lift the tail off the ground and pull we can get it to break free and swivel but it’s very stiff.

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