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Left Wing X

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Jan 1, 2006
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<TD vAlign=top>Nailers...

The plywood leading edges were ClearCoated twice on the inner face, then glued on the wing with T-88. Prior to glueing it is essential that the wing is removed from the bench and the bench re-checked for level and twist, since once the ply is cured, the wing will be 'cast in stone'.

Nailer strips were used for clamping. The ply oversize by 1/2 past the spar top and bottom, this was then latercleaned up with a laminate trimmer. After removing the nailers the next day, I started sanding with a long sanding block looking for raised spots. This is when I came across which is probably my biggest OOPS so far: There was a nasty high spot in the middle of the wing, and I was dumbfounded as to why. I started sanding, but after a millisecond realized that it was like a darn mole hill, and I would soon burn a hole through. So I had no choice but to cut it out and repair. After the cutout was completed, I saw the cause of my whoe's - it was a small piece of spruce!!, I had glued the ply on top of it....looks like I wasn't meticulous enough when cleaning the glue area :0|

The repair was fixed according to the AC 43.13-1B with a surface patch. Two coats of Clearcoat were then applied.

Cut-out of the high spot, you can see the sanding attempt on the drop-off...

Finished patch...

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