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New member: David Hempy, Kentucky

Apr 4, 2022
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Hey, folks! I joined the forum a month ago and have gobbling up the info ever since.

I’ve been actively following the biplane market for a year, learning what I can. I’ve had an intention of buying a flying 2-seat biplane…Starduster, Skybolt, etc… or finishing some else’s project. One day I’d like to own a Stearman, but I’ve got a lot to learn and earn before that can happen.

I’ve got a handful of taildragger lessons in Cubs, and one glorious biplane flight with @Cameron in his impeccable Eagle.

Somehow I ended up buying a 150 and half a Mooney, for all the right reasons. They’re great planes, but I still eagerly open my Barnstormer’s email every morning to see what new biplanes cropped up overnight.

My long-term goal has been to use the 150 for what it’s good at, then swap it for a biplane. That goal is turning into an itch, so I figured I’d go ahead and introduce myself here.

I was not available to go to Sun-n-Fun this year, so I’ll be sure to make Osh Kosh. I just don’t know if I can wait that long, though. I’ve seen precious few biplanes in person during this affliction, so I’m keeping an eye out for fly-ins or other opportunities where I can talk to builders and pilots about their planes. Please let me know of any good ones coming up between Chicago and Atlanta.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributes so much knowledge here. This is a real gem in the vast wasteland of the Internet.

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