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Nov 24, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm getting a set of Skybolt plans for Christmas. I'm currently 70% done scratch building a hummelbird. I recently welded up my landing gear and decided I like welding. I always wanted to scratch-build a 2-hole pitts S2E, but I've found out that you can't get plans for one. I figure by the time I finish the hummelbird, and finish the skybolt, that the skybolt may well be a better choice for me than the pitts. I did about 10 hours of acro training in an S2A and enjoyed it, though it was years ago.

I learned to fly back in 1990 in a 1946 PA12. At MMK where I was based there was a really nice Skybolt build by a dentist out of Cheshire, CT.

Partly I joined the forum early to learn about the options. If I was to choose today I would go for the 0-360 and the closed canopy. I'm not sure about the other options, the two piece upper wing seems interesting. But I'm here to learn, I have time before I start on the project, like at least a couple of years.

I tow gliders with PA25's and I fly gliders too. Plus I'm in a C140 club, and I'm working on my instrument ticket in a PA28R. Not very biplane-y, but I like to be well rounded. I can always rent something like an arrow or a cessna, and lots of opportunity to tow, but it's hard to get into a 2-hole acrobatic biplane. That is part of my reason to build. Plus, I like to build.

-- Bryan Cotton

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