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New to the Board - Late to the game

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Jan 22, 2008
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After decades of flying being pushed to the back burner (family responsibilities, etc., higher on the priority list), the opportunity is emerging to knock aviation off the List of Regrets.

For background, I'm 48 with a background in aircraft maintenance. I have my A&P, and most of my experience is on heavy jets.

A couple days ago I passed my Third Class and got my Student certificate. As soon as I finish scrounging the fundage together I'll start training at the local AFB Aero Club.

After I get my PPL, the next item on the menu would be acquiring an airplane I could call my own. One of the routes under consideration is building. (I have a lot of time to ponder such things before I'll be able to take action).

I've looked at fast (150mph+) designs that would be good for travelling several states away to visit family. However, I keep coming back to the thought of an open cockpit biplane. That puts a big grin on my face.

Being a (soon to be) new pilot, the good things I've read about the Acrosport II got my attention. From what I gather, it has easy handling, yet plenty of capability for me to grow into.

I have a powerplant question: 115 is listed as the bottom end of the horsepower range. How do you guys think an Acro II would fly with a 120 hp Jabiru engine? Adequate or a bit of a dog?

I've also been looking at the 150 hp Rotec. Given the classic lines of the airplane and the effect of a round engine, it just strikes me as a combination with a lot of potential.

Well, I've rambled enough for now. I'll knock it off before I pull out pictures of the kids.

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