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North Star for sale


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Jan 6, 2010
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Midland Ontario Canada
I know it's not a biplane, but proceeds will help support my biplane habit.:)
More pic's on Barnstormers.
1991 North Star, C-FGVD , O320 160hp, 1006 TT, 170 TTS bulk & top w/new 160 hp pistons. Chrome cyls. This was the first prototype North Star, built at CF Ltd., Shown at S&F and Osh, 2 1/2" wider than Cub, 2 doors + Baggage door, Dynafocal swing out , Borer prop, Hydraulic shock struts, tall gear, Scott 3200, stronger than a Cub, better performance, more payload, longer range, easier to work on, "homebuilt " so no certified inspection costs or mod restrictions.
Has been flown on wheels skis & floats & does show some cosmetic wear externally, but has spent most of it's life in a hanger when not flying so is in great shape. Interior and upholstery is in excellent shape. The owner we built it for quit flying for medical reasons and I bought it back from him. I don't really want to sell it but have decided to so I can invest in new design work I am doing. With it's 160 hp and Borer prop, takeoff & climb is awesome. I have it in the shop now getting it ready to sell, installing new windshield and side windows, clean up and inspection. Since it's a "homebuilt" you get away from certified inspection costs and mod restrictions! $80,000 USD


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