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One-seat, two-seat, red-seat, blue-seat

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Nov 20, 2006
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While I'm still waiting around for my plane to sell, I'm dreaming of building and flying a biplane, and trying to narrow down what my needs really are.

Among the principal decisions is the number of seats. I think two would be ideal, but I'm very intrigued with about single-seaters, because then I could build a fully aerobatic LSA that could get a lot of performance out of a small engine. Also, with a single seat, the designer can place the CG closer to where he wants it practically all the time, so there's one fewer compromise to handling/feel.

Would anyone care to share any insight on the one v. two seat question? E.g.,

- I'm wondering how many on the forum have even considered single seater?
- Of those who built or bought a single-seater, how often do you regret not being able to take someone along?
- Are any of you with kids building or owners ofa single-seater?

-Of those flying with two seats, how often do you use the second seat?
-Is thefeel compromised significantlyin these biplanes with one ortwo onboard?

- How many fly more than one plane b/c they love the single-seater, but sometimes want to fly with company?

I figure that I'll be building this plane for a long time, maybe even a decade, so I'd like to learn from the experience of others before settling on a design.


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