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(re)-building S-2C wings

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Jul 3, 2009
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I have aquired a crashedS-2C project complete from firewall aft. The idea was (and still is eventually) to rebuild it single seat, pumped up angle-valve 540, extremely fun Pitts. I have a set of S1 plans (original Curtis Pitts blueprints) Super Stinker plans, and Model 12 plans for reference.

Am Isafe to assume that I can build a very strong set of wings using the damaged S2C wing ribs as patterns and copying spar diminsions...etc and theother plans as reference?I was thinking of using oversize douglass fir spars and plywood leading edges.

I am planning on longer span ailerons and clipping the wings to about 19' The stock ailerons are practically untouched, and would be easy to create alonger version or perhaps add to the current length.

As for wing hardware, I know the -C is different... not all the drag/anti-drag wires go through the spar... I should be able to recreate the brackets that hold the wires...

pretty much everything needs to be replaced inside the wing...I can probably re-use the aileron hinges, andI can definately reuse the whole push-pull control system


Should I just put use to those S-1-11 plans and make a setof those for my project?

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