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S1 fuselage build question

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Mar 20, 2018
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Hello guys, this is my first post. Am building an S1 from the Steen S1-C plans (and S1-SS wings), have the tail parts done and would like some advise from any Pitts fuselage builders concerning the high level build sequence.

My last plans built project included a fuselage with vertical sides and was built sides first, sides were stood up vertically upside down and the horizontal pieces added. Am reading a book "Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselages" by Russo that specifies a better method is top and bottom first, the top is fixtured above the bottom (with a particle board piece with 4 holes for the 4 longerons at the firewall position), and the side pieces added. Since the Pitts does not have vertical sides it looks like a better method to me.

Any opinions or links to posts/articles from Pitts fuselage builders would be appreciated.

Rick in Colorado

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