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Skybolt Project For Sale - $29000 firm

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Sep 1, 2006
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This project has the potential to be a pretty special Skybolt. Almost everything is included, build the canopy or leave it open cockpit and recover.

Project is located in Moses Lake, WA.

[email protected]

1992 Skybolt/Firebolt

First flown in 1992

approx 280 hrs TTAF

Built and flown with Firebolt gear which caused lower longeron cracks. Aircraft disassembled and bungee gear mounts built by Texas Cubs. Then the project stalled. I purchased the project in Sep 2017, sold the IO-360 FWF and started to rebuild with IO-540.

Fuselage is Firebolt with Skybolt bungee gear

fuselage professionally built

Fuselage is uncovered, have most sheet metal for patterns

29 gal main fuel tank

Gear is temp installed, needs final bolts and bungees

Turtle deck is in process of making make mold, needs finish or replace

Have new, custom engine mount temp installed for fit

Scott 3200 tailwheel

Cleveland brakes, need cleaned and new seals

New Todd’s 2 place canopy bubble. Partially trimmed, in shipping box

Wings are Skybolt spec

Currently complete and covered, on wheeled storage racks

11 gal wing tank in top center section

Pitot tube in top wing leading edge

LED strobes for wingtips

IO-540EXP from Edge 540, approx 434 hrs with many new parts

Crankshaft has 77 hrs , mags 234 hrs

Parallel valve configuration

Barret cold air induction

Ported, polished cylinders

Rated at 310 hp per Zivko website

Have 6:1 exhaust mock up kit

Vans baffle kit new in box

Whirlwind 400AC 3 blade composite aerobatic prop from Edge 540

Fresh overhaul, still in shipping box

New prop governor

Miscellaneous Items

Inverted oil system

Assorted instruments

Becker 4201 Comm

Becker 4401 Transponder

B&C 410H alternator

Custom fuselage rotisserie

Firebolt and Skybolt plans

Missing stuff

Oil cooler

Engine monitor

Landing gear bungees cords


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