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Smaller front windshield

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Well-Known Member
Nov 20, 2006
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I see that there are several people thinking of windshields, so here's a thought that may be of interest.

I've read in a couple places, I think it was in online articles about the Marquart Charger, that the high level of turbulence in the rear cockpit of tandem planes may not be due to the upper wing's downwash, but instead to the turbulence caused by the front windshield battering its way into the rear cockpit. A solution was achieved, if I recall, by cutting down the size of the front windshield, by something like 1/3 height, so that the turbulentarea / vortexbehind the frontwindshield hits the larger, rear windshield and is deflected around it, instead of wrapping around the exterior of the rear windshield into the rear cockpit.

Is this a commonly known solution? Does it work? Has it been tried in any other planes? I don't know. At least one Charger builder said it works. It's just a cool idea for which I've made a mental note to check onwhen I get to that stage (a few years off to say the least), but it would seem to be relevant to a few of you guys now.



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