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Spring gear/wing root buffet

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Apr 4, 2007
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I just picked up a Pitts S-1S that was built with Spring gear.

The builder documented an issue with aggressive wing-root buffet and attributed it to the Spring gear. He then built some 'fins' that he attached in-trail with the Spring assembly. The note in the airframe logbook indicates "...installed fairings. Test flew and found buffet characteristics have been eliminated..."

I beg the differ.

The airframe flies geat, stalls clean, and has no indication of trouble until very high angles of attack. Typically as youapproach vertical on an inside loop, the buffet begins and continues until inverted. All controls appear to maintain authority. The buffet is felt throughout the fuselage. There is little indication of trouble from the elevator feedback.

Any ideas? I'll push it out and take pictures of the configuration if needed.

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