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S-1-11/ Super Stinker wing buffet/landing gear

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Jul 3, 2009
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What is the group's opinion on the issues and solutions to the Super Stinker/S-1-11B spring gear wing root buffet problems. I haveread about the buffet induced by the position of the spring gear and as a potential builer of one of these planes, I was wondering what has been done to cheaply solve this recurring problem? I own the plans and have read the pireps, and think this is truly one cool plane Iwould never be able to fully master.

I've heard about Steve Wolf's RV style landing gear, and I "think" I understand the benefits... i.e. moved location to change airflow, low drag...etc butthe cost is more than I can hope to afford.

I also "think" I understand that adding a large fillet or cuff at the base of the spring gear willfix the problem but reduces the aerodynamic benefit of the spring gear over traditional bungee gear(I know this is moreof an S1 comparision)

I have also read that the ground handling improves with bungee gear like the S-2C over an -A or -B model, but know little about the actual truth to this. Considering I have a set of S-2C gear from a crashed plane, I could make up a set of those for cheap and make them work on a Super Stinker if the drag would be similar to spring gear with cuffs.

Please correctme in any false assumptions, as I am young and used to "learning" and not "knowing"

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