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Steve Odell "Odie" Gets top wings and Rigging

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Jan 8, 2009
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Steve Odell's Little Toot called Odie got it's top wings and rigging by the Rig Master Phil Witt.
Phil Witt has been the rig master on most all Little Toots across the United States for the past 10 years. Yes he has travel as far as Detroit to rig toots. James Longstreets paid both Phil and my airline fairs to get this perfect rigged Little Toot called "Goofy".

Here is a quick down and dirty overview of Wing, Stab, Landing/Flying wire installation and rigging in Meyer' Little Toot.

  1. <LI>Level the airplane on the thrust line.
    <LI>Use the Incedience meter on the horizontal stab to arrive at the degree of incedience in the stab.
    <LI>Check leve of the stab with fuselage. If not correct make app. Changes.
    <LI>With Landing wires on the airplane. Set Dia. degrees in both lower Wings.
    <LI>Lock Ailerons on both wings and check incedience on both lower wings.

    1. <LI>Check Inc. at wing root.
      <LI>Check washout in the tip as shown in one of these pictures.
      <LI>Make corrections to assure both sides are the same. Washout makes the tips stall last.</LI>
    <LI>Check incedience in top wings. At the root and on the tips as in the lower wings.
    <LI>Now that all incedience are set. Install all flying wires loose.
    <LI>Check level of the top wings to assure they are at Zero degrees.
    <LI>Tighten Flying also tightens the Langing wires times the number of flying wires. Toot has Four flying per side so when secured will develop a tremendour tension in the landing wires.
    <LI>Finallly Check inspection holes in the terminals ends to assure all threaded flying and landing wires have gone past the safty hole. An important issue.</LI>

Pictured here is
Left Phil Witt
MiddleJoe Flood from the Family of Flood Aerobatics..Famous Family
RightSon of tootEdited by: Son of toot

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