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Superflite or polyfiber

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Jul 18, 2007
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I started a Pitts S1-11B building in my apartment in Paris.The wings will be done by the end of the year,and I am looking to make a choice between Superflite or Polyfiber for the covering.I love the glossy look and light weight of Superflite,and that seems to be strong,as Sean Tucker use that system on his biplane for hard aerobatic.The Polyfiber is also very good,and for some biplane specialist like Kevin Kimball that's the best system to use.
Does somebody from the Biplaneforum has experience with covering aerobatic biplane and could give advices.If I use Superflite,I would like to double cover the inboor wings with 2.7oz and 1.7oz to protect them from the prop blast.!!!
For the engine that will be a 300HP(the Zoche seems to be very interesting),and the prop,a three blades MT.
Nice building and great fly to everybody.

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