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Tech Counselor Visit - Jerry

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Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
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South Jersey
Just finished with a visit from Whitey Lance, a Tech Counselor from my local EAA Chapter, 216.

Had a great visit. He was here close to three hours.

Showed him everything I've been working on; wing ribs, rudder/brake pedals, tacked fuselage, vert/horz stabs, elevators,throttle quads, etc.

He loved my welding. Thought I did a real nice job with it. Loved the throttle quads too. Only thing he told me was to make sure I wire brush the weld area good before starting to weld.

He's rebuilt a lot of planes. Right now he owns two. Ones a Bellanca 14-13/19/Viking with a Ford V-6 in it. Has flown it for about 500 hours with no problems.

He's got a barn full of equipment too... lathes, bending brakes, mill, etc. Said any time I need to use/borrow anything I could. I think I'll take him up on the offer of the bending brake.

So... looks like I got a real good grade on my visit. Good to know a guy with that much experience is happy with what I'm doing.

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