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Tool addiction

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Sep 15, 2006
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I used to think I had alot of tools before we even considered building an airplane. Since that decision we have acquired a 2' sheet metal brake, a benchtop belt/disc sander, a TIG welder, a bench grinder, a portable bandsaw and stand, countless small sheet metal and other metal working tools, etc. We will be buying a rivet gun and thoseaccessories shortly. We have acouple of parts on the Delta that need to be made on a lathe. Wehad been trying to justify buying a mini-lathe thinking itcould also be helpful threading the drag wires, trueing up the ends of bushings, etc.

Yesterdayon my way home I passed by a bunch of pink signs that said "Industrial tool sale, 11AM-7PM today". I made a quick u-turn and followed the signs to an Elk's Club. Sure enough, there was abig assortment of tools on display inside with a tractor-trailerparked outsidestocked with the goods. As I was browsing some pretty good deals, I caught a glimpse of a mini-lathe box out of the corner of my eye. I made a quick call to my partnerwhich resulted in an emphatic"yes". 400bucks later I was loading a Cummins 7X12 mini-lathe into the back of the van. After I got it home, we assembled it, cleaned it up and it was love at first sight. I gave her a piece of round bar stock and there was no separating her from that lathe for the next few hours whileI puttered around on other things. The fuel tank baffles she had been working on didn't even get noticed and she only stopped long enough to glue the gussets on the other side of her last wing rib. Evidently she had some experince with a metal lathe back in high school. I don't think I will be using that mini-lathe anytime soon and she will undoubtedly have a name for it within a week as she has done with all of the tools she has bonded with.

I gotta tell you it's great being involved with someone that loves building things as much as I do.


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