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Toot Wing Rib Production MI

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Jan 10, 2009
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Hi All!

Well its been a full week of learning the true meaning of "building something each day" methodology that Tommy teaches. I'm happy to say that I have now completed 4 ribs with #5 in the jig and #6 waiting in the background. I'm finding that having all the pieces ready makes assembly go a bit faster.

I'm really stoked about this project and can't wait to show my dad when he gets home on Wednesday what this building a plane is all about. I have a feeling he will want his work bench back.

Cap Strip Bending 101: Soak the cap strips overnight, and before you put them in the jig soak for approximately 10 minutes in hot water. Slowly bend the piece around the jig with equal pressure. Walla! bent wood....its kinda likea caveman finding out about fire and what it can do for him.

Well that's about it for today....Sunday = #6 and #7 Oh yeah the deep freeze continues as does the snow....good weather to build ribs.

Fly Safe!


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