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Torque Tube Attachment

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
Situation: salvaged fuselage, everything ismedia blasted.

1. I am wanting to clean up what I have. Unfortunately I didnt have the foresight 2 years ago to mask the 2 areas that get greased....so they are blasted too. Whats the best way to polish these areas up again?

2. When the brackets are wrapped around the greased tube and bolts applied, are the bolts tightened? or are they turned only so far to allow freedom of rotation? if the latter, what keeps the nut tensioned?

3. I see no provision for applying grease [zirk (sp?)fitting] in my current setup, should a grease fitting be retro fitted while I have the chance?

No Scott, I don't want to mess with phenolic [unless you wanna make them for me ;-)]

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