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Weight & Balance

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Jun 4, 2008
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I am trying to make a propeller selection for my AcroSport 1. I am aware that the prototype that Paul P. built had a forward CG of like around 58" instead of the required 60-66" range. I also have indications that the "super" builds may reduce the firewall to rear face of case bimension from 11" to 8.5" probably, again, for weight and balance issue(s). I will be using an O320H2AD, 11" from firewall and locating an Odessey battery and Amsoil Pre-Lube pump on the firewall. I am considering a wood prop only because of the 12 pound weight vs. the 24 pounds for metal. I am also looking at a Catto for this application. I want to fly this as a LSA so I would not want to add additional weight to the tail to "adjust" CG as this would impact stall speed which I think is a critical factor. Could anybody help me understand these issues better so I can make the best choice possible?
If the Acro 1 builders would respond with where there empty CG came in andwhat engine that would be helpful.
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