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What type of Epoxy Paint?

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Oct 17, 2018
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Chandler, AZ
All, the search bar was not yielding much, so I‘ll ask directly:

What type of surface finish is suitable or recommended for 4130 frame assemblies? I guess the question is then, What do you plan to use for covering? That answer I have no clue about yet. I have several completed assemblies ready for finish, or at least surface primed to inhibit corrosion:
Stabs, Elevators, balance tabs, Rudder which will of course be fabric covered.
(Supposing Matte primer or zinc chromate?)
Some other items which will be finished without covering are:
torque tube, engine mount. elev pushrods, walk beam, reverser.
(Gloss epoxy paint finish?)

Is this something an auto-body place is capable of, media blast also? Yes, a hangar neighbor has the inflatable paint booth in his hangar, but between the paper suit and ventilator, I will pass on that, for now.


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