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5 point harness attachment

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Sep 15, 2006
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We are at the point where we need to figure out the attachment for our aerobatic harnesses. We have the book 'Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselages' by Dave Russo which has an excellent chapter on the subject.

It looks like the best location for the pilot's lapbelt attachment is the lower longerons approximately 6" behind the pilot's seat. The shoulder harness should probably be attached with cables to the cross tube at the aft end of the luggage compartment. The book states that the crotch strap should pull straight down or parallel to the front of the pilot. Neither of us tip 160# so it seems like the seat frame is in the way. I am wondering if anyone has modified their seat frame with a notch to allow the crotch strap to be moved further aft. I imagine the seat frame with a crotch strap wrapping around the outside should work just fine for some of you bigger guys- no offense intended!

The front seat in the Skybolt has a whole other set of issues. There doesn't seem to be any appropriate tubes in the floor to attach the lapbelts to. It looks like we will have to add some. The crotch strap should work the same as for the pilot's seat. I suppose the shoulder straps will have to be bent around a support framework (behind the pilot's instrument panel) and attached near the base of the front seat.

The book also has a great description of how the height of the shoulder straps should relate to the pilot or passenger's shoulders.

If anyone has pics of their harness attachments for a Skybolt or similar setup, I would love to see them.


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