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Acro Sport II - LSA

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New Member
Dec 15, 2008
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While looking at my plans and the specs printed on them, a question came to mind; Can an Acro II be built as an LSA? I read some posts about an Acro I being built LSA but not an Acro II. It looks likethe IIfalls within the specs of an LSA with the exceptions being the stall speed (53 mph, 2 mph too high) and gross weight (1,520 lbs., 200 lbs. too high).
As I understand it, the builder establishes the gross weight and phase 1 flight testing establishes the stall speeds. I would suspect that the stall speed at a gross weight 200 lbs. less than the prototype would fall below 51 mph. One would need to be careful and keep the empty weight close to the prototype (or preferably around 820 lbs) for the maximum useful load. But if the gross is established at 1,320 lbs. and the aircraft stalls at or below 51 mph., then could an Acro II be considered LSA compliant?

I like the idea of an LSA that is both a biplane and aerobatic. Neither of which are very plentiful in LSA's. At this time I still am able to obtain medical certification but one day, maybe about the time the Acro is built, I might want to just go light sport pilot and enjoy sunny day sport flying.

Thanks in advance for the any and all input.

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