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Beejs Blog: Fitting Gauges


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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX

<TD vAlign=top>I just had to dry fit them...

Well, my instrument panel saga is beginning to draw to a close... I got them back from the instrument shop, and all fitted well, except for the accelerometer, which I'd forgot has a reset knob at the 8 0'clock screw hole position. I am going to have to dremel this out a little, then it should look and fit OK.

I still need more instruments to complete. An electronic T&amp;B for the center, E-3 LCDEngine monitor, dual Volt|Amps gauge, and an alti for the front hole. The two latter, I will be converting to white. The whiskey compass was initially temporary for the DAR inspection, when after I intended to replace it with a vertical card type compass, but I think it looks rather OK in there right now. Assuming I can get it to work correctly, what with all the magnetic activity around it, I am going to keep it.

The GPS is an airmap 600C. The panel mount for it is from 'airgizmos'. That piece of plastic cost $75! Still, it does a neat job, and neatness on the panel is paramount...I'm going to be staring at it enough down the road...The GPS came with an external antenna, which I will mount in the lower wing.

The decals on the panels were done with 'decalprofx', the same method as used on the gauge faces.

If you noticed, there is a small up/down arrow warning next to the master switches...this says "All switches UP are ON etc". So why the idiot guide you may ask? Well, I spent the first 35 + years of my life walking into a room and turning the light on by pressing down. Yup, in the UK, down is ON. After 8 years in the states, I am somewhat used to the opposite now, but I know in times of stress we do tend to revert to older instilledhabits...

The passenger panel has a little humor there on the glove box door "Luggage &amp; Barf Bags", there is also a "panic button" which actually does nothing. I may wire this up to a light in the rear so I know when it is pushed :).

The standardPassenger Warning label also has a sentence missing:

"The 'Wright Flyer' was also amateur built, unlike the Certified 'Hindenburg'"

Ihave omitted thisuntil after DAR inspection. There is no decal for "Solo FromRear Seat Only" as this will be on the front of the gas tank.

In reflection, this white gauge conversion deal has taken fartoo long. Although, now it is virtually over, I am pleased with the results and the uniqueness of the panels.

Rear panel coming together...

Spartan front panel, but functional...

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