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Behind the scenes , Family

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Mar 10, 2017
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Yesterday , I hijacked a thread here and didn't intend to . The thread is , Keeping a headset on , open cockpit . I was thanking Ron Wattanja for posting a pic. of himself in his plane , and demonstrating his method of securing his headset . I have , ever since becoming a member here , wondered what the posters/members look like . There are occasional photos posted with more than one member and I'm kinda figuring out some faces with names . The gathering at Oshkosh usually posts members , (thanx fidot) , but there are many that I cannot put a face and name together . I kinda wanted to start a thread of introduction , with pics. of whomever one would like to to post , as a thank you for family members being so understanding and supportive of what we have cast ourselves into with this obsession of aviation and our projects as well as time spent in shops , hangers and not to mention , time in the air , and away to shows , fly ins etc. . I'm kind of an animal lover so your pets should also be welcome . I know that some would like to keep the Forum strictly airplane and that's fine , don't want to offend in anyway , so if there is no interest in the title above simply klick on threads of interest . Feels a lot like family here but seeing who family is can't hurt a thing . I'm Dennis , the Monkey 🐒 My wife's name is Annette , grandaughter , Paisley . We work on projects together . I personally have too many myself (three Smith Miniplanes) but we are finishing up on Annett's Elcamino and have a way to go on Paisley's Suzuki Samurai , Tin top V6 Buick . She will be 16 in November . Three dogs , two Frenchies and a Cavalier (inspectors) of course . Hope I'm not being too forward with this idea , feels right . 🙋‍♂️;)🐒


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