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Brand Spankin New!!!

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Dec 31, 2008
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Hello all....

My name is Ryan, and I am within 5 minutes from Mathis airport, and I
have a dream design...I have no idea how to pursue it further than in
my head so I would like for you all to help me if possible.

I am an engineer (well, close...i am still in high school, but I am
definitely engineering bound, and I am head engineer of our robotics
team at school, and am pretty handy when I put my heart towards
something) but I really only know the basics behind aviation, and only
have a broad understanding of Bernoulli's principle but again, I move
and learn fast when I am dedicated to something...

My dream is to have a triplane(if possible to me) with 2 engines, each
on it's own full length body, and a smaller cockpit in the
center...each "body" will have a fin on the back and the tail will have
2 "wings" (I don't know what they are called sorry :$)...I like the
look of this and would imagine it would perform alright (all I want it
to do is fly...and maneuver, but nothing special)....I think that all
the wings would provide enough lift for the 2 engines, and I would make
the plane out of the lightest material possible...I would assume hollow
aluminum pipes, and sheet metal as the shell material....again, no idea
what I am talking about....just what is going on in my head...

I don't have a budget right now cause frankly I have no idea what this
will cost to begin with...but I myself have around $5000 of money that
I could spend on the frame and shell, and if I got enough into it, I
believe that my father would also fund it, because he is willing to
support educational hobbies for me rather than video games...but like I
said...i don't know what material to build anything out of, how
powerful each engine is required to be, what permits I need, and how
much specialty equipment such as gauges, interior, and steering will

As long as this project will not be anywhere close to $20,000 dollars,
and I will be able to sell it if I needed to make money, I am willing
to dedicate plenty of time and money to this project and I declare

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