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Christoph from Germany

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Nov 23, 2006
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Hi all,
I am Christoph from Germany. I am not yet building anything and probably won't for manymonths to come as I currently still am a student and only work part-time (as a paramedic). The reason I join the forum : I do want to start a project some time in the future when, hopefully, I work full-time and have the resources. I will finish my studies next summer so I felt its time to seriously start dreaming (;-).

I (as, it seems, many) am not yet decided on what I want to build. A Skybolt would be a dream, but one that might not be possible to realise. Flying is very ! expensive in Germany, not least as a gallon of 100LL Avgas currently is about9,45 $. Furthermore, I would need a lot more relevant and current flying experience. I have logged roughly 200 hours, but most of it in gliders and some in 'low and slow' powered planes, close to none in the last 5 years.

It is encouraging, though, to read that more builders acquire the necessary flying skills during the build. I also have an uncle who is a CFI, which will definitely help (;-).

I would have to learn many skills to build a plane such as the Skybolt, but I see that as a bonus rather than an obstacle. There are less builders in Europe than in the U.S., a disadvantage, but I have to say that this forum and the builders pages offset that in many ways. They are great resources!

So, I am here mostly to get a feel of what building a plane from a plan takes and to find out if I really believe I could do it. As said, it won't be in the near future but I think taking the time to get at least the hopelessly naive impression I would know what I'm getting myself into is worth the effort.


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