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Clamshell canopy

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Sep 15, 2006
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<beejthis is a continuation of this thread:
"looking at the latch, it looks like the main pin going through the latch could be adapted to an emergency pull pin...thus releasing everything?"

Not to kick a dead horse but I have been thinking about this some more. I would think if you can disengage the canopy latches in flight without removing the quick release pins, the canopy would rotate up and away from your noggin since it would still be attached to the main arm of the hinge apparatus. If you removed the quick release pins, the canopy might come straight back and the balsa filled support would likely hit you in the head. Randy made a good point that you might not be able to disengage the latches but maybe there is a modification that could help.

Incidentally, my partner remembers Sean Tucker talking about getting hit in the helmet with his canopy when he had to eject from the Oracle plane. With helmet on, it was not an issue.


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