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Delta wing tank dimensins

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Sep 15, 2006
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Scottly, Jerry and anyone else building a Delta Skybolt,

We found a dimensionerror in the plans for the wing tank. If you check the finish dimension for the space the tank fits in, the net opening is 41.75". The wing tank is drawn at 43.5". I suspect when Curtis Pitts was drawing the wing tank he forgot to allow for the width of the adjacent (1 3/8") ribs.

I e-mailed Steen and they confirmed what we found. They thanked me for letting them knowand said they would change the plans.

This won't be a problem for us as we just need to trim 1- 1 1/4" off each end before we rivet the tank and weld the whole thing up. Ithink wemight bethe first to build this tank orsomeone would have mentioned it sooner.

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