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Glueing: Lesson Learned


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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
I noticedmy drag wires at one station became slightly slack. So the alarm bells started ringing in my head. Sure enough, a drag block had failed. I couldn't find the test piece that I had 'stored' away! I loosened all the wires and proceeded to give all the blocks a good wack with a 5/8 socket and hammer to see for movement. All seemed ok. But it was haunting me, so today I have parred them all off with my best chisel....better safe than dead.

I am also thinking of making the new blocks a little taller for more surface area to glue to. It may not be needed, but it will make me feel better.

This is my normal procedure for glue-up: vacuum the surfaces, blow them, wipe with acetone, apply glue to both surfaces, let sit for 5 mins, then clamp lightly.

Lesson learned: keep your test pieces labeled and in a bucket somewhere, and test them at the right time.

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