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Important Fuselage Welding Tip

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Aug 17, 2006
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Piqua, Ohio
When welding the mounts for the front instrument panel, it is very, veryimportant to locate them in such a way that the panel itself is at least located at the centerline of the cross tube. Even a bit further forward if possible.

Don't line it up flush with the rear of the tube like I did. You get a LOT more skin shape options where the cabane tube traverses through the hole in the skin adjacent to the panel. I've looked at this area for years, and never quite understood why some look one way and some another... It never came clear until I started cutting sheet metal. The location of that front instrument panel is paramount for options on a nice curvy shape.

Hale's yellow aircraft is this way. Look at some of the Skybolt installations where the skin looks close in and "pinched"between the two intersecting rear cabane tubes and compare themto Hale's execution. The difference is that instrument panel location. Get it as far forward as possible.

I had to shut down production for a couple of weeks I'm so pissed off at myself as it's all powdercoated and done now. Licking the wounds and getting back to it though.

This tip should be in big bold letters in a lessons learned file. I sure wish someone had told me about it. That extra 1/2" makes all the difference in the world. Take my advice and do it.Edited by: Skybolt540

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