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My Acrosport is Flying, but has a Heavy Left Wing

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Feb 1, 2007
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Well, I flew commercially from KY to FL last weekend to ferry back the Acrosport II that I bought down there. It flies great, except for a heavy left wing. I did have a little trouble with landings. Not being able to see the runway took a little bit to get used to. Stalls are very predictable. Cruise speed at 2350RPM, with a 76x56 prop (supposedly) and an O-360 A3A was about 110mph indicated. The GPS showed about 125mph. I was later cruising at 2500 RPM, indicating 125mph, and the GPS showed 139mph in the dead calm, late afternoon. I'm thinking that the prop doesn't really have a 56" pitch.Overall, I'm tickled to death with it.

As I said above, it has a heavy left wing. When we checked the incidence of the wings, squareness of everything,leveled the longerons, leveled the airplane side to side, etc. everything was square within 1/8", and all of the wing incidences were the same within .5 degrees.Originally, the airplane had about a 1.25" thick shim under the left rear I-strut bolt to take care of a heavy left wing. Right now, I have about a 7/8" thick stack of washers under that same I-strut bolt, and I think it could stand another 1/8" or so. This just doesn't sound rightto me. What else should I check? How much shim domostAcrosports take to get tofly straight?

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